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We receive up-to-date data from over 80 satellites.

We will tell you about the filters of our service

On the left are filters for searching for images

The filter is responsible for the image resolution.
Examples of use:
  • Low resolution.
Can be useful for tracking emergencies and global environmental monitoring.

  • Medium resolution.
Can be used for monitoring the condition of forests, crops, and land use plans.

  • High resolution.
Used for monitoring crop growth, detecting pests and diseases in agriculture. It can also be used for monitoring construction sites, monitoring the environmental situation in areas where minerals are extracted, and assessing the condition of forests.

  • Very high resolution.
Used for inventorying agricultural land, building transportation and oil and gas infrastructure, and creating high-precision terrain models.
Period of shooting
The filter is responsible for selecting the area for which you want to receive satellite images. You can specify the entire area of the screen, select a specific part of the area on the map, or upload a file.

Image resolution
Selection area
Selection of the time period for which satellite images are needed.

There are also additional filters

The selection of satellites used for imaging. Examples of images (link to the satellite page).

  • Radar imaging: a type of imaging that uses radio waves.
  • Panchromatic imaging: black and white format imaging.
  • Multispectral imaging: imaging that separates light into different spectrums.
  • Infrared imaging: imaging in the infrared mode.
Imaging equipment
Shooting type
The more cloud cover there is, the fewer ground objects can be seen on an optical image. The optimal cloud cover percentage is up to 20%.

Sun height
This parameter is used if shadows from objects are important.

Roll angle
The satellite's roll angle determines the angle at which the image will be taken. With a larger roll angle, objects on the Earth's surface appear more three-dimensional.

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